What IS the BOVW? It is simply a group of folks, the nucleus of which began our Martial Journeys together years ago, who continue to love training in the Martial Arts, and who love each other. So if someone loves Martial Arts, and can tolerate us old codgers, they are welcome to be a part of our Group. And what that provides is an opportunity to engage in dialogue with other folks who love to train, and once a year to join us at our Gasshuku.

The BOVW IS NOT a System, Organization, Policing agency, etc. nor do we offer RANK or TITLES.

For equality and respect of each other we use the term Sensei for all Yudansha, regardless of each individuals own organizational rank. The Brotherhood of Veteran Warriors does not have any heirarchy, or board that requires approval or membership requirements. We only ask that you empty your cup by sharing with others and filling it with what others have to share!

A short explanation of our "Groups" name and it's meaning.

The Brotherhood of Veteran Warriors

Brotherhood is defined as - the belief that all people should act with warmth and equality toward one another, regardless of differences in sex, race, creed, nationality, etc. Similar to the Brotherhood of Mankind. For clarity men and women are equally welcome to join our group!

Veteran Warriors refers to the originating founders of the group who served together during the Vietnam era, who now welcome anyone who wishes to join the group and share their love of the martial arts.

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About the Logo
A Brief History


In this section though, we will focus on two Dojos, and one “club” that played important roles in the development of the Founders, and several ancillary influences associated with each.

The Crosswinds Dojo
The Jinbukan Dojo
The "Club" in Saigon