The Jinbukan Dojo:

The Goju Ryu katas taught at the Crosswinds Dojo had arrived there indirectly from the Jinbukan.  Jim Botsford initially introduced Sanchin, Seiyunchin and Saipha katas as early as 1966, and when Jim returned to the Philippines after an extended stay in Okinawa, he continued to expand the Crosswinds curriculum.

Sensei Katsuyoshi Kanei (deceased), founded the Jinbukan Dojo.  The dojo was located quite literally in Sensei Kanei’s back yard, at 151 Chibana, Okinawa.  The actual building was quite small, as the photos in the photo gallery will show. 

The Jinbukan was, and remains (Sensei Kanei’s son now teaches at the new Jinbukan Dojo) a very traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Dojo.  Sensei Kanei was trained by Sensei Toguchi at the Shoreikan Dojo.  Toguchi Sensei was one of Chojun Miyagi’s direct students.

In addition to Goju Ryu Karate, Sensei Kanei was highly ranked as a practitioner of Kobudo, or “Old Martial Way.”  Kobudo is the practice of ancient Okinawan weapons, such as Sai, Bo, Tonfa, Nunchuku, Kama and Eku (boat oar).

The School of Jinbukan was founded by Sensei Katsuyoshi Kanei in 1967. This school was situated in Okinawa in Chibana. On the 31st of August 1976 new School of Jinbukan was opened on the second floor of Sensei Kanei’s house. And in this way Hombu for Jinbukan is still situated in Misato, in the city in Okinawa. The founder of School is Katsuyoshi Kanei began study Kobudo by Shimpo Matayoshi and Shinken Taira. Sensei Katsuyoshi Kanei first named his school Shinbukan, but hieroglyph which he used could be read as “Shinbukan” also as “Jinbukan”. Later Kanei changed hieroglyph for reading only “Jinbukan”, it’s better expresses his feelings for exploring Karate and Kobudo. The word "jinbu fusatsu" from Chinese book means wise (divine) men with martial art. Jinbukan means a gym where wise men study martial arts. He deciphered the Jinbukan Emblem.