1.      Strength: The Okinawan Karate exercises known as "Hojo Undo," all focus on strength building. Numerous implements are used to supplement training, and of course simple body weight is used extensively.


1.1              Body weight training includes simple pushups and untold numbers of variations on the theme of push ups (knuckle, finger-tip, wrist, one handed, etc.), cat-stretch pushups, squat kicks, crunches, sit-ups, and on and on.

Push-ups & floor excercises


1.2              Supplemental implements include the chi ishi, ishi sashi, kongoken, tan, iron geta and more. Unlike western style weight training, in which muscle isolation is a key, Hojo Undo exercises tend to emphasize whole body motion, from the feet on up. Even a simple curl done with the chi ishi uses the legs, hips and abs.

Chi Ishi


1.3              Western style weight training can be an excellent supplement to Martial Arts training, and can be helpful in injury prevention as well.

Pratice techniques with weights
Medicine Ball Drills